10 Halloween Tips for Safe Trick or Treating!

Halloween is fast-approaching, and we just can’t help but be super excited! Just thinking about all the costumes we’ll make, decorations we’ll set up, and goodies we’ll get from trick-or-treating, how could anyone help but look forward to Halloween?

But before we all get giddy and thrilled to start looking for the best costume ideas and pumpkin decorations, remember that safety is still our highest priority. Make your trick-or-treat more fun by ensuring that all is well and we’re staying as far from unfortunate events as possible.

Here are 10 safety reminders from us before you start planning this year’s trick-or-treat:

  1. Choose a costume that is creative yet comfortable and fits perfectly. We wouldn’t want any tripping to happen, would we? Make sure that the costumes are perfect for walking and try it out before the actual trick-or-treating.
  2. Use bright-colored clothing, or decorate the costume with reflective tape. Use colors that could be easily seen during night time, or attach neon or reflective cloth, stickers or tape to the costume. This would also minimize the possibility of accidents.
  3. Make kids wear glow sticks as bracelets and bring flashlights. Check the batteries of the flashlights before going out and make sure that the kids have them at all times for extra safety measures.
  4. Use safe, hypoallergenic face paint and makeup instead of masks. Be more creative and use face paint and makeup as part of the kids’ costumes. However, take note of the quality and ingredients before putting it on their skin. It would be best to try them out on a small portion on them and look out for allergic reactions.
  5. Discuss the route and set curfew. Set the itinerary carefully so you could easily track them down in case of emergency.
  6. Go as a group. Team up with other kids -- it would be more fun, safer and  a lot more memorable! And don’t forget the general rule: very young kids should always be accompanied by an adult.
  7. Trick-or-treat at well-lit houses. As much as going to each house seems exciting, it would be best to choose those houses that are well-lit and decorated.
  8. Never enter into a stranger’s house. Remind your kids that they should only stay at the doorstep. Sometimes they forget, especially when they get too excited about all the candies and goodies!
  9. Have kids check in via text regularly. Make sure that you have a way of reaching them whenever necessary, and vice versa.
  10. Have fun! Remember that this happens only once in a year, so make the most out of it. Take tons of pictures, enjoy the sweets, flaunt your costumes, and have fun!
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