20 Fun Things To Do on a Trampoline

If you have a home with a decent size yard, there is one major toy you need to make it the coolest house in your neighborhood, a Trampoline! Not only is jumping on a trampoline a fun way to play around as a family, it’s also low impact, high aerobic exercise that improves balance, agility and coordination for kids and adults. Here are 20 Fun things to Do on a Trampoline that will make it even more fun!

For Kids

Add Water – Using a hose or a sprinkler on a trampoline has been going on for years! Kids love being able to combine the fun of water play with a trampoline on hot summer days!  Be sure you are cautious though because the jump mat can get very slippery when wet. 

Jump Rope Fun – There is a game called the "Roller" which is tons of fun! You have someone stand on the side of the trampoline with a jump rope and swing it back and forth along the trampoline. Then one child tries to jump over the rope without getting hit. If they touch it, the child is out and they switch places. 

    Bomb Ball – Just add a few balls to your trampoline, agree on a number of lives each child gets and have them try not to hit the balls. Every ball touched is a life lost and whoever is last standing wins!

      Chalk Art – Writing on the jumping surface of your trampoline with sidewalk chalk is fun and easy to clean up! Just a little hose water will wash it right off! The Pure Fun 7ft Trampoline comes with Tic-Tac-Toe and side chalk already!

      "Trick" Battle –  Trick Battles are super fun, friendly competitions doing tricks on the trampoline. First person does a trick, then the second person tries to outdo the first  person. 

      Outdoor Ball Pit – If you have a trampoline with an enclosure a giant ball pit is a must!! The plastic balls can be purchased almost anywhere and make it a super fun addition to any trampoline. Plus add a game to see how many you can bounce out!

      Trampoline Fort  – Find some old sheets and tuck them underneath the spring pad. Have it dangle down around the entire trampoline to make a "Fort". Be very cautious to make sure no one can jump on the trampoline while the "Fort" is in use though!

      Trampoline Fort

      Popcorn – One person sits in the middle of the trampoline, holding their knees to their chest. The other person jumps and tries to get the “popcorn to pop” (to get the person’s arms to pop open).

      Sleepover Fun  – Get out those sleeping bags and have a sleepover on the trampoline! Kids love it and keeps them off the ground from unwelcome critters ! 

      Memory Game – everyone sits around the perimeter of the trampoline along the pad and one person does a “trick” in the center of the jumping surface. The next person then has to copy the first person’s trick and adds one of their own and this continues with each child doing the tricks before them and then adding their own. If someone forgets a trick or gets them out of order, they are out and the game continues until only one child is left.

         For Adults 

        1. Cardio – Ramp up your cardio with some jumping jacks, lunges, high knees, squats, running in place or work on your box jumps and burpees!
        2. Yoga – why not try some of your favorite yoga moves on the stretchy surface of the trampoline? It improves your balance, coordination and burns more calories.
        3. Tanning - Get that bod ready for summer with a golden tan! Tanning on a trampoline absorbs more light with the dark color of the mat, and keeps you cooler with breeze flowing from all directions!
        4. Air Dancing – The basic movement of air dancing is jumping up and down. However, at the top of each jump, during the time you hover motionless, you can introduce a few dance moves like a full body twist, an energetic kick or any other move that allows you to end in an up right position. 
        5. Anti Gravity Challenge – With each bounce on a trampoline, you fight the pull of gravity. The higher you jump, the more energy you use, which increases the number of calories you burn! Challenge yourself!

         For Toddlers

        1. Follow the leader – classic game of follow the leader on a trampoline. Please only play this game if the trampoline has an enclosure to keep them from falling off. 
        2. Trampoline Tumbling – trampolines are a great place to teach basic tumbling like somersaults because the surface is so flexible. Be careful to keep them in the center of the trampoline at all times, not to hit the frames.
        3. Hokey Pokey – another classic, this one is super fun to play on a trampoline with the music and helps your kids follow instructions while learning names for body parts. The song “Hokey-Pokey” is a simple one with instructional lyrics and to add more fun they can jump while playing!
        4. Learning to Catch – anyone who has ever tried to teach a game of catch with a toddler, knows that more time is spent chasing the ball than learning. A trampoline with enclosure has contained space to teach your little one to catch and throw much quicker!
        5. Parachute - Spread out a large sheet and have everyone hold an edge tightly in both hands. Slowly raise it overhead and say “Up, up, up!” then lower it saying “Down, down, down!” When you call “Under, under, under!” everyone can let go of the sheet and hurry to the middle of the trampoline to sit down.

        Trampolines can be dangerous so please use caution doing any sort of bouncing, tricks, games or exercise. Toddler Island Trampolines have numerous safety features that keep you and your family bouncing safely! 

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