Kids and Exercise: 3 Elements of Fitness on a Playground

Have you ever watched kids on a playground? They run from playing on the see saw to playing tag and then on to the swings. Their energy increases the more they run, laugh and play.

With the ever changing world we live in where kids sit in front of a computer capturing hours and hours of engagement, we are constantly challenged to think of how to make sure our kids get the exercise they need to be naturally healthy. When they were on the playground, the three elements of fitness were naturally being applied just by what they were doing.

3 Elements of Fitness - Playing on a Playground

  1. Endurance - happens when the child who is 'it' runs and runs until they tag one of  the many kids running away often times shrieking. It is an aerobic activity that strengthens the heart. When a child is breathing harder the entire circulatory and lung system gets stronger. Healthy breathing is one of the greatest keys to happiness and less stress.
  2. Strength - happens when a child is pushing another on a swing, or see sawing on a see saw or hanging from the monkey bars. Muscles grow quickly, fat is kept in healthy check and joints stabilize when a child is strong.
  3. Flexibility - is just as important as strength and endurance. Out on the playground this happens when kids reach for balls, tie their shoes or stretch to the sky. This gives them full range of motion, allowing the muscles to be used alongside the rest of the body. It also allows the body to warm up and cool down from intense activity without even recognizing it.

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