5 Fun Things for Kids to do Outside in the Summer!

Summer is right around the corner and we know some of you are getting nervous! The first few days are fun, but then the “I’m Bored” whines and cries set in. Ahhhh!  

We rounded up 5 Fun Things for Kids to do Outside in the Summer that would be perfect to chase the bored blues away and keep kids from turning into couch potatoes on their electronics! Most can be done for free or very inexpensively and you can help the kids get set-up with these activities and then let their imaginations run wild. 

1. Make Art on the Lawn

  • First, you need a BIG sheet (Preferably White)
  • Next, you'll want to stake the sheet down on your lawn. You can use some long nails but make sure they are down deep into the ground so only the nail heads are showing.
  • Fill some Styrofoam bowls with a variety of paint colors. Don't forget the sponge paint brushes!

2. Sponge Bulls Eye

  • Using sidewalk chalk, draw a bulls eye on the driveway and assign a point value to each circle of the target.  
  • Then draw a starting line a couple of feet away (Depending on age of children playing)
  • The kids stand on the starting line and toss their sponge at the target. Mark down the total each toss.
  • Let them add the points up at the end of each round to incorporate learning!

3.  Make your own PVC Pipe Sprinkler

4. Play Tic-Tac-Toe on the Trampoline


  • Using sidewalk chalk, draw a tic tac toe line on the trampoline in white 
  • Using the other colored chalk have the kids draw their X's and O's
  • Erase with a water hose and fun water play on the trampoline! 

5. Plant Some Flowers

  • Choose a bright, sunny location for the flowers. Prepare the area for planting by removing grass and weeds and using a hoe or spade to loosen the soil. Add manure or compost and work thoroughly into the top four to five inches of soil.
  • Lay out the flower rows by placing each potted flower on the exact spot where you plan to plant it. Or, if you are planting seeds lay out the seed packs. Make sure to leave enough space between each plant to guarantee proper growth.
  • Show the children how to use a small garden trowel to dig a hole for each flower. Help them place the plants in their holes and add enough soil to cover the top of the root-ball.
  • Provide a small watering can so the kids can carefully water each flower as it is planted. Continue to water the plants daily for the first week after planting, making sure not to over water.

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