Top 3 Trampoline Assembly Mistakes to Avoid!

Top 3 Trampoline Assembly Mistakes to Avoid!

So what’s the best way to eliminate common mistakes assembling a trampoline to avoid wasting time and hearing your kids asking is it ready yet a million times? Learn from everyone else’s mistakes of course! So lets take a look at the list below to make sure you avoid these common mistakes when assembling your trampoline!

1. Top Rail Assembly: Always start assembling the trampoline frame upside down. While this is stated in the manual, we all know that sometimes it’s easy to get a little assembly-happy. So, make sure your top rail holes are facing the ground when you begin, and don’t worry about flipping the frame sections right side up again until a few steps later.

Frame Holes Top and Bottom


2. Main Frame Assembly: Another common blunder that causes frustration is assembling the frame. Some people assemble the entire top rail and then try to attach the legs underneath. It is best to make sections and then flip over the sections after the legs have been attached to attach the main frame then. See image below. Otherwise you have a wonky balancing act trying to attach the legs on each side!


2. Spring Placement: The fatal flaw here is when fellow assemblers think they can just attach the springs all next to each other. We have a specific spring placement pattern in all of our manuals, and it’s crucial to follow each step! If not, the springs will be unevenly stretched and the jump mat won’t be centered. This will cause a lot of tension on some springs and not on others. Also, Always take the time to ensure that each v-ring and frame hole line up. If your spring is one v-ring or frame hole off, then your springs will end up slanted.

Correct Trampoline Spring Assembly


And like we said, not everyone is perfect. It’s totally okay if you accidentally assembled your trampoline upside down and backward. JKJK! We all make mistakes.

And if you ever want to talk about some of your recent mistakes, feel free to email our customer service at:

(We promise we won’t make fun of you.)

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